Who We Build For

Who We Build For

DREAM The BUILD clients, are looking for a respectful and skilled developer, one who understands that sometimes it is the little things that really matter.

With this enlightening approach Catalin who owns and drives the ethics of Dream The Build, is a popular builder for clients across London demanding the best for their house extensions, conversions and new build homes. See Dream The Build property developments and refurbishments in Swiss Cottage, St John’s Wood, Kensington, Fulham, High Barnet and more.

Who We Build For

Clients, are poorly treated with shoddy workmanship, rushed delivery, messy work, even rude and occasionally deceitful practices, DREAM the BUILD, are as offended as anyone would be, they are out to set new standards in client experience and fulfilment. They are committed to raising the bar for what is possible in the building trade.

A home is not just a house, a home is a a place where families live, sleep, have birthday parties and it’s where they are the most protected and secure, at DREAM the BUILD they respect that and understand that.

They work to fulfil on their clients dreams & aspirations for their homes and properties.

It’s that simple…!

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