Residential Development

Residential Development

Looking for your next Residential Development team? Our doors are always are open to landowners looking to develop land to see where Dream the Build Developments can add value or even become a J.V Partner. Let us help you develop your land potential to its maximum.

Dream the Build Developments Ltd. is a London property company owned by Catalin Opris. In the past 6 years Dream the Build Developments have built houses in North London and around the M25 Corridor.

We are always looking for our next property development project and the door is open for landowners to talk to us. Whether it’s a new build on new land, knock down and rebuild or extending what is there with an existing property, we’re always enthusiastic to see a building reach its full potential. both for the investor and for joy of just creating a building of quality.

We would likely be interested in talking about a possible purchase of the land or joint venture on the land to develop the ever-increasing demand for properties. We know, as local residents to North London area ourselves, the importance of keeping the environs desirable places to live.

At Dream The Build we have an established team of associates including structural engineers, planners, quantity surveyors and architects to help you develop your land potential to its maximum.

If this piques your interest, then we’d love to hear from you and speak further. Please let me know via the contact form on the site or by email to and I will be delighted to arrange for us to meet. I believe on seeing inventive & creative past developments that Dream The Build have done for landowners, and creating win win potential of a venture, you will be as excited as we are about your professional residential development team and your project.

We engender a great working spirit with genuine residential development partners and that makes for a great team, good wins and quality outcomes.

Your residential development adventure starts here – Contact Us.