House Smart

House Smart - Design & Build Packages

How smart is your house? All houses are not designed or built the same. What happens behind the walls, below the floors and in the attic is every bit as important as the visible details on which we all tend to focus.

Dream The Build has a passion for making the best home possible from your property and it can go deeper than the obvious items we all know and understand. There is much one can consider and some house smart solutions can include:
- Underfloor heating
- Cavity wall insulation
- Burglar alarms
- uPVC windows and doors

How smart is your house?

Conditioned crawl spaces

They also provide an environment for smaller, more energy efficient air conditioning systems. To you this means lower monthly energy bills, improved air quality and more durable, mold free structural framing.

Spray foam insulated

Unvented rooflines provide a better air seal and insulation system in our hot/humid climate than an attic that is vented and traditionally insulated in the floor.

A Drainage Plane

A Drainage Plane with integrated flashings behind your siding is critical to allowing your house to survive the normal wet and dry cycles that a home in a tropical climate goes through.

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